Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 927: The fear slowly sets in

As 2010 winds down and we approach 2011, the fear of my future sets in. You would think I was ecstatic with, you know, having a future. I am. Very glad. Very grateful. Very [insert other emotions]. What I also am, is scared out of my freaking mind.

I barely remember where I leave my keys, how am I supposed to remember everything that happens in the human body?! It's all very daunting. What if I can't handle the load of schoolwork? What if my brain cells go on strike and choose to explode in response to the copious amounts of science I will be cramming in there? What if I hate medicine? What if this, what if that. My mind is brimming with "what ifs." Before, when I just wanted to get in and get started and really get going on this whole "becoming a doctor" bit, I am now hoping for a teeny tiny asteroid to obliterate my existence.

(Courtesy of the world wide web)