Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 119: The first Biology exam

I just took my Biology exam. It could have gone better. And I could have done better. She posted the answers to the exams right after class and I reiterate, I could have done better. I got an A, which was fine. But I was shooting for an A+. I think I walked in too overconfident and some of the questions were a little tricky. What it really boils down to is my annoyance at having made stupid mistakes. I really hate those. Ugh.

And of course I'm a little shaken by how low my A is so I can't focus on physics right now. Which is what I really need to be doing. And then my Organic exam is this Friday and I also need to get my game-face on for that.

You know what it is? I'm so used to acing Chem II exams and just kicking ass that not super-acing them throws me off. I need to just suck it up, shake it off and move on. Onto Physics!


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Hi Jess,

Good job and congratulations!!! I think the biology course will refresh you a bit since it has been a long time you last touched it. Confucius once said that review the old subject or material enables one to enlighten new thing.

Daddy knows that you are very smart but, as always, be humble in your pursuing knowledge so that there will be no resistance in your inner self to thing you are learning.