Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 2922: New month, new rotation.

Hello everyone! I greet you on the brink of my final third year rotation! Holy mackerel! It's almost over!

I start my inpatient pediatrics month tomorrow (Friday). It will be an arduous month, with 50+ (70+ some weeks) work hours but it will be a great learning opportunity. Kids are fun! And scary! And everything in between.

Inpatient pediatrics will help me decide if I want to do med-peds (aka adult-and-child medicine) or solely medicine. I will be applying to medicine programs either way, but it will be nice to know in a month's time if I want to do only medicine or if I want to take care of patient's across the spectrum of age.

Gosh, I am so boring. All I do is update you with banal facts. Here's to dullness!