Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 2748: The end of RPM

Today was my last day on the anesthesiology service. I have a day scheduled at the pain clinic tomorrow, and then I am done with my RPM rotation. It's been quite a whirlwind of crazy early hours, procedures galore (intubations, IVs, masking), and meeting a bunch of really great people. My attending was a bit of a hard-ass but she taught me a lot and I think she liked me so I am hoping for positive evaluations from her and the residents I worked with.

I enjoyed my time on anesthesiology. Procedures galore, but no clinic time whatsoever. I enjoyed clinic from Ob/Gyn so I'm not sure if anesthesia is for me. What I did learn was that anesthesiologists don't just sit around and read magazines, they actually pay attention to vitals (blood pressure, oxygen saturation, end-tidal CO2, etc) to make sure the patient is actually asleep and very very unaware.

I move to rural Wisconsin this weekend for my family medicine rotation. I will be moving 3.5 hours north of Milwaukee to work in a town with a population of 3600 people. Different, much?