Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 1237: Exams, Round 2 (aka Block 2)

The reason I have suddenly fallen off the planet (a 12-day absence is a big deal considering I was pretty on-point with posting) is that exams are this week.

Monday: Psychiatry/Psychology (one would never know I had this class since I never go. I have better things to do with my time than be touchy-feely. Like study science that I suck at. Also, I took psychology in high school and I have retained enough to pass...hopefully...probably not, haha.)

Tuesday: Anatomy lab practical. 376 structures! Round ligament of the uterus, check. Ascending aorta, check. Superior mesenteric artery, check. I just about know the other 373 too.

Wednesday: Anatomy (written exam) and Human Development. Together! Three Yikes!

Thursday: Nothing! AKA Studying like MAD for Biochem on Friday.

Friday: Biochem from 8:15am to noon. Three hours and forty-five minutes. I can assure you, this exam is going to suck like a Hoover vacuum. And you can expect me to eat a lot afterwards. And I think I'm drinking because a pal is in town and a beer that night will probably help wash down the half-relief (of completing Block 2 exams/my Biochemistry exam) and half-stress (of failing all my Block 2 exams/my Biochemistry exam), ha.

Back to the books. I'll be better about updating as the week wears on.

(Hello to my Dad in Taiwan!)


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i am sure everyone of your classmates is MAD like you studying 16+ hours a day.

but still this is a very good investment. whenever we talk about investment we are thinking 'future' ROI.