Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 613: A reopened wound

For every post here on out, I'm going to try and blog with pictures. It breaks up the boring text and provides you all something to look at.

Okay, so you all saw that I had my wisdom teeth out and I looked like a sad chubby chipmunk. Well, two nights ago, sincerely out of the blue, my bottom left hole opened up. I have no idea why or how. And it appears to be larger and not-where-I-remember it being.

Just to warn you, this is gruesome. Some of you may not find it so, but just in case, I thought I would warn you with it's grossness.




Here it is...

It's like a bull's eye!

I apologize if this is gross but this has been the biggest going-on in my life as of late. I know I haven't posted very regularly but it's because I'm trying to maintain positive-good-vibes Jess and that is much more difficult than I had anticipated. So. I thought I wouldn't blog at all until I had more news.

But since everyone loves to ask (and it makes sense why), no I haven't heard from any other schools. No rejections and no interview requests. This late in the game, I am probably correct in assuming that I have not and will not get into medical school this cycle. I won't sugar-coat it ... It sucks. A lot. I'm moving forward, because really, what other direction is there? If there was a wallowing-in-my-failure option, I would certainly take it.

But, all in all, I'm keeping busy and waiting for doctors to call me back. They probably won't because they're sooo busy, so I'll be following up with them next week.