Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 2385: On to the next one.

Neurology has come and gone. The rotation here is...not the best. You round forever. From 8:30am until whenever all the patients are covered. I was very lucky to have attendings that were excellent teachers and very eager to do so. Nevertheless, the rounding was long, the time on my feet was long, and the amount of neurology I learned didn't nearly correlate to the amount of time I was on my feet. But. It's over. I learned a lot about stroke, which is near and dear to my heart given that my grandfather died of a stroke when I was six years old.

My neuro exam today was fine. Aren't all my exams fine? I have decided I am an exceptionally average test-taker so I am sure I scored average-ly on this exam. On to the next one, as the post title suggests!

What is my next rotation? Psych. I, not so jokingly, hope I get attacked on this rotation. I do not foresee my career heading towards psychiatry, so, like my past two rotations, I hope to get as much out of this month as possible. And that means getting all the crazies in front of me!

Let's see if I blog again before this month ends. Who knew it was easier to blog about studying and books than actual clinical learning?