Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 2325: Reflecting on orientation

Aren't you all so lucky? Three posts in three days!

Anyhoo, orientation ended yesterday and, to be honest, good riddance. It was a bit tedious and from speaking with M4s, it is essentially useless on the wards (medical-speak for hospitals). Nevertheless, it was nice to see my classmates before we are all unleashed onto our respective rotations. We won't be seeing each other for a long time, unless we (aka I) make the active effort to see each other. I will. I want to have friends (again).

In spite of my ennui (thank you for providing me with a new SAT word to add to my vocabulary!), I have a few pearls to share from my time at orientation.
  1. I made the mistake of speaking up to inform a physician that my school does, in fact, have a student professionalism committee. He then asked me, in front of the entire auditorium, to tell us more about it. I don't mind speaking publicly, but I wasn't expecting it and I have a cold sore (thanks stress from Canada!) and I felt like everyone was staring at it when I was speaking (from my seat, not even from the front!). The physician thanked me and that was I thought. Dr. T came up to me after his presentation and introduced himself to me personally. He asked if I would speak with one of the deans (who deals primarily with the curriculum) about the student professionalism committee and, basically, talk until he talked back haha. Overall, I am happy with how everything went down (despite how many eyes got to pore over my god-awful cold sore) because meeting more up-and-ups is my best shot at getting into urology at this point.
  2. I was re-certified in CPR, which is great because I'm sure someone will actually expect me to know what I'm doing, haha.
  3. I got my pager! Hello junior medical student status in the hospital! Goodbye life!
Just for everyone's knowledge, so that you may text me any icky questions you may have, my first service is gynecology for the next three weeks. Then obstetrics where I get the joy of having surgical hours -- goodbye my precious sleep, how I will miss thee.

Can you believe it? In just two days, I will be in the hospital! Actually expected to know something and possibly take care of people! That's unnecessarily frightening!