Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 1310: Five pictures or less, with some text.

A very intense Christmas tree at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA.

Current loves. The Sartorialist (a gift!), Florence + the Machine (who I'm always in love with), and this funky organic hipster chapstuff which I apply religiously under my nose since I've been blowing it every five seconds.

Driving back to the bay area, I forgot about all the topographic texture that California has. Milwaukee is very very flat.

A boat featured in the Newport Beach boat parade.
I need to start wearing socks at night people.

One of the many messages in the SEED parking lot in Irvine, CA. I found this to be apt for my life. PS, check out the license plate! Also a theme in my life. HA.

The text: I wasted about 20 minutes on my sister's Facebook this morning. I only logged on to see a good friend's engagement ring and the next thing I knew, I perused pictures of people I neither care about nor am friends with. It's these flubby moments in my life that remind me how happy I am to be off Facebook. You'll never convert me (back) Mark Zuckerberg!