Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 1276: United Community Center

Courtesy of UCC

Today, I went to the United Community Center for a semi-required school...thing. Basically, I am trying to find something I can do within the community that relates to my topic of choice (global health) and can help out the local community.

What really impressed me about UCC was how impressive they are. They absorbed a parochial school a few decades ago and are now teaching children from K-3 (kindergarteners at 3 years of age) through eighth grade. These kids are learning skills to succeed not only in high school (in the broader Milwaukee area) but later in life. They offer a senior "day care" center which has Latin American architectural influences (instead of the sterile white walls of a hospice center or a hospital) to make the environment more hospitable and social. (See the image below!)

Courtesy of UCC

They offer the children (I believe it begins in fifth grade) a financial learning "class". They have a "kids bank" where the kids are the managers, bankers, tellers, etc. And the children who participate save real money and that money is handled by US Bank. But the money management et cetera is all done by the children. I could go on and on, but it was very inspiring to be some place where the surrounding community was actually benefiting from their work.

I would really like to work this place into my global health pathway so that I can a) work on my Spanish and b) feel like I'm doing something (for once).