Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 823: Lots of things (for once!)

Hey everyone. I know I've been MIA for most of August, but I assure you it was  not due to laziness (which is usually the case). Saturday August 7th was the day my best friend married her true love. Gross, I know :p but honestly, I was co-maid of honor and it was a true pleasure to be apart of something so magical and treasured and beautiful.

Sunday August 8th, I flew out to Milwaukee to see my beautiful friend Nicki. I hung out with her and her friends (all of whom are completely awesome) and got to see a (")big(") city in the Midwest. Nicki's uncle got us some killer seats to a Brewers game and I forgot how fun a baseball game live can be! I flew out to Mil-Town (as Nicki occasionally calls it) to see it, but it was mainly to help my lovely friend drive out to sunny California. She got into a PhD program out here (I could go on and on about how intelligent and bright she is) and I helped her move her life out here. It was a fabulous drive and we had gobs of fun hanging out and seeing the lack of sights along 80. (Pictures to follow in a separate post)

After returning from our road trip, I left for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) camp. It was my first time at sleep away camp and I had a blast! I was not fortunate enough to have a camper (since most of these children are wheelchair-bound, the camp is great about maintaining a 1:1 camper:counselor ratio) but my role as an "Activities leader" was better suited for me. I helped set up stuff for the numerous events happening and helped relieve counselors when they needed it. I got to see how the camp was run, help the nurse and doctor with medical things, and meet a ton of campers. It was perfect. There are so many things I experienced and took away from camp that I think I'll make a separate post about it.

And now, on August 22nd, I am en route to San Antonio, Texas where I have the great privilege of interviewing at a medical school out there! I know! I can't believe it either! All my hard work and effort is slowly paying off. This is the key moment--showing them my commitment to people and health. I'm doing gobs of research today about healthcare and the school to be as prepared as I can be. The first- and second-year medical students are putting on a little meet-and-greet for interviewees tonight and I plan on attending to get a better feel for the class and a firsthand account of what the med school has to offer. Fingers crossed I like what I see!

Okay, this post has probably bored you to pieces :p we'll be in touch!